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Never Be Without Your Business Card Again!

You may leave home or work without your business cards -- but never without your phone. With a virtual business card from, you will be making digital connections wherever you go, whenever you go! Get yours today! 

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Virtual Business Cards is your virtual connection to your customers and prospects. It offers you a unique url to share your contact details and basic information.

Links include: Map, website, email, text, phone, social media, newsletter sign-up and a call-to-action link.  Add a description of your business, products/services, 3 featured products/services and 3 testimonials. Your contacts can download your vcard to their phone or email easily. All's digital cards include a .vcf file.

mobile-friendly online business cards
your digital connection - online business cards


Your card will be added to our business directory of all those purchasing one of's digital cards. 

BONUS #2: You pay in Canadian $s.

BONUS #3:Earn $5 from every sale that originates from your digital business card. 

Your Digital Connection

Say goodbye to paper business cards - send your digital card instead. One-click access to contact you through quick access links and the ability to download a vcard file to add to contact lists on mobile devices and computers and laptops. 

Share Your Digital Card Anywhere

  • Add the link to your email signature
  • Text it to a contact
  • Email it 
  • Share it on your social media sites 
  • Use it in introductory or on-boarding emails
  • Put it on the contact page of your website

SEO Friendly

Your digital business card is optimized for SEO and provides a searchable page to lead prospects to you! Point a domain to your url and make it even easier.... 

Your Virtual Business Card Is As Easy As 1-2-3

Purchase Your Card

Scroll down below and purchase your Digital Business Card.

Complete Our Order Form

Enter your business information and upload images to our easy to use implementation form.


Wait for your new digital business card to arrive in 3-5 business days and start sharing it! 

Making Digital Connections

A simple, yet effective way of sharing your contact details.... on social media, on your website, by email, by text!

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Your Digital Business Card Awaits!

Start connecting online. 

Watch for new program coming soon


Or Need Cards For Entire Office? 

Debi Katsmar virtual business card


  • Can be instantly added to a contact list
  • Digital cards do not get torn, lost or thrown in the trash
  • Changes included if you move, add services, products
  • Hosting & SSL included
  • Increased visits to your social sites
  • Increased awareness of your products and services
  • More leads from easier access and awareness 
  • Added to our business directory for searches online
  • Point a domain to your url
  • Provides links back to your website
  • Easily shareable anywhere
  • Earn $5 when a contact buys a digital card from your digital card. 


How long does it take to get my digital card? 

Your card will be ready within 3-5 business days. You will be notified by email when it is ready.

How do I request changes in the future? 

Simply email our service department here to request changes. We will respond quickly. 

How much will the annual renewal be? 

It will be the same price you paid when you joined. You will be sent a renewal notice and invoice as your renewal date approaches. It is not an automatic renewal - we do this purposely. 

When will your business directory be live? 

Our business directory is live now. But since we only launched this product on April 5th, it has limited cards to view. We will make it visible on the site in the very new future. You are getting the benefit of the directory as it is live and search engine ready! 

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